Top 3 Online Stock Trading Platforms

Finding a great online stock trading platform can be mission impossible if you don’t know what (and where) you’re looking for. Various sites offer a chance to earn “lots of money without any costs”, but here you won’t get any of that. Here you’ll have a chance to see which sites are considered to be the best ones in this niche, and you’ll also see their pros and cons. The final decision is up to you.

Trade King (

Trade King offers a wide variety of trading options to help build your portfolio. It offers a great selection of investment tools, charts, graphs and calculators to help you manage your account. The best thing about Trade King is the fact that it offers a low, flat-rate trade fee. You can even connect with other traders to exchange ideas and get advice for online stock trading. On the other hand, some people don’t like it because this online platform is not customizable.

Options House (

The Options House online platform was launched in 2006 by its parent company PEAK6 Investments. It offers trades with the lowest fees in the industry. This platform suits those who don’t have much experience in this niche (non-professional investors). Option House has a customizable platform and it allows you to focus on aspects you find to be the most important. The only thing this platform is missing is access to international stock trades.

Options Xpress (

Options Xpress is labeled as one of the best online brokers. It offers a variety of investment options – including other investment vehicles that many other services do not offer – and an intuitive platform with a solid lineup of tools and features. A variety of fees is also present – some of them are higher than usual, while others are significantly lower. But, the quality of the platform and company is worth the extra cost for many investors, especially those looking for riskier ventures with high pay-off potential.

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