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Renewable power is a perfect way for investing

The investor interest to the real assets is growing all the time. It makes more attractive for people with deep pockets to invest their money in something real, some profitable assets, that will bring some income. In last years the interest to the renewable energy sources has grown, making this element and its development in the global infrastructure the fastest one. So, why is renewable energy so popular? Why people are ready to invest their money there?

First of all, such a high interest to renewables is connected with their role on the global energy market. According to several researches, their impact on the mankind grows – in 2015 almost 53% of the world energy generating was related to the renewables. Wind and solar energy sources become more spread all over the world. They lead us to the cheap energy, which is clean and limitless.

The only disadvantage of these types of energy sourcing is their price. It’s not a secret, that solar panels, as well, as the batteries for storing the power, are quite expensive for their massive production. This needs more investments, which promise high incomes to the shareholders.

Besides, the renewables have a huge perspective – more and more cars are produced with the ‘green’ engines, as well as the ecohouses, which use the portable systems for collecting the energy from the environment. They play a great role in investors’ preferences too.

Concluding all of these facts, we can say, that humans are definitely coming into the new era of renewables power carriers.

Twitter will stream NFL games on Apple TV

Two IT giants of the world – Twitter and Apple announce some certainly new and interesting product for TV fans. They will stream some top-demanded shows and events (like the annual National Football League games) for millions of people, using Apple TV.

It’s not a surprise, that this kind of approach can attract new viewers for Apple, either as dramatically increase the activity of users on the microblogging service as well. Besides, this partnership means, that Twitter won the race with its competitors – 10 big IT companies, including Facebook, which made bids for streaming the games.

The procedure of choice was clear and simple. 10 greatest world companies applied for streaming the games, offering some details. As the representatives from NFL claim, Facebook’s deal had many disadvantages for them, comparing with Twitter. For example, Facebook wanted to sell all of the ad, shown for the viewers; while Twitter offered to sell only the part. Besides, just for one game, Twitter accepted to pay $10 million.

In order to deliver the highest level of service, Twitter will create its exclusive live streaming player, which will be available for viewers.

Different specialists, who analyzed this deal, claim, that the partner for streaming was chosen correctly. They say, that Twitter is a social media platform, which was created ‘to be live’. So its whole concept meets the requirements of the event they will highlight. So, NFL definitely made the right choice.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only tech companies, applying for deals to stream some events. Snapchat, for example, is one more example.


We have already heard this term thousands times, which concerns some strong, effective and organized person, who leads others to their common aim. However, leadership can be different – especially if we are talking about this category in investments and trading field, where the situation might be dynamic and unpredictable. Leadership is something, which can’t be described with 100% accuracy – but it still can be felt. So, what is leadership on a market?

Different researches show, that the leadership can be either effective or not. An effective leader has a set of his personal habits and characteristics, which bring him some positive results in his field. Optimism, positiveness, good communication skills, charisma – all of these factors form a leader. This person can form some team, which will include people, who work with him and who listen to his voice. A leader can bring some real results, achieving the goals, set for him.

There are many examples of such people. One of them is a CEO of General Electric – a person, who increased the price of the company’s shares from 12 to almost 500 billion dollars. This man managed to do it for just 20 years – in a period since 1981 till 2001.

Leadership may also be characteristic of not just a person, but for a company or the group of companies as well. As a rule, they form the price in their niche, define the direction of their sector’s development, set the goals for their opponents and competitors. Leadership may not be constant – it’s always a ‘flag’, that may be captured by another person or company. So, it must be watched hard.

Terrorists’ attacks influence travel companies shares

Last years were full of different terrible terrorist attacks, which killed hundreds of people on the streets of Europe. It doesn’t dramatically influence the level of tourists, who come here, but it still has a great impact on the prices of shares of travelling companies, who bring people to France, Germany, Belgium and other top-visited countries, which became the victims of terrorist attacks.

The best way to discover, what kind of results may occur, is to analyze the market after some of the attacks, which have already happened. For example, after the Paris attack, which happened on the 13th of November, the French stock market dropped over just 1% in its price. Actually, it climbed back after this. So, we can’t say that terrorists influence the whole market. Their impact can be better seen on the travel companies, which have already lost over 2 billion dollars in price through the whole Europe. This sum is amazing if we compare some of the actual losses of travel business companies. French hotels Accor S.A. shares lost almost 5% of their price, Air France shares dropped over 6%. These numbers are amazing, are they?

The specialist’s advice to those, who want to protect their investments, to pay attention to those companies, which are more protected from losses. First of all, they must belong to some strategical fields, like defence, oil and gas industry, banks and so on. Diversifying can bring its fruits, so think well how to split your investment portfolio.

Nintendo’s shares boomed after Pokemon Go

Probably everyone has already heard of the new game Pokemon Go, which was released by Nintendo and Google. It hit all of the charts on Google Play and Appstore, being downloaded by millions of users all over the world. So how did Nintendo benefit from their successful product launch? Actually, it happened in different ways.

First of all, the price for Nintendo shares increased. It’s natural because this game still remains being actively discussed, even though Nintendo is not its only owner. According to their agreement, another developer is Niantic Lab, a gaming company, which was earlier included in Google. The growth is estimated to reach about 20-25% of value.

One more positive factor for Nintendo is some ‘monetizational’ factors, like the level of engagement of user with this game and the addictiveness. According to several types of research, a new product in the gaming world has one of the highest mentioned above parameters in its industry. So, we can conclude, that Pokemon Go either made some obvious positive changes for Nintendo’s shares price; or is a perspective product, which will be definitely customized and improved in the future. It will result in some more revenues for the owners of the application. On the other hand, it will increase the price of shares of Nintendo even more. Time will show us, what kind of growth will it be.

At the current moment, the gaming company may continue their work with augmented reality products, developing some new interesting games and applications.