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5 best websites to learn trading stocks from (part 2)

We continue completing our list of free websites that will be useful for everyone, who wants to learn stock trading. In the previous part of the article, two projects were mentioned: ‘Wall Street Survivor’ and ‘How The Market Works’.

3.Market Watch. The next interesting website for those, who are still looking for an opportunity to make several million in the next few months, is the Market Watch. This resource has also its own game for people, who still don’t understand how the world of stock trading works. Market Watch also offers special discussing groups, which allow people exchange with their opinions about the market strategies and with their approaches to trading in general. You can both share your experience with others and learn something new from other, more skilled traders!

4.Investopedia Stock Simulator. You did you hear about Investopedia, one of the largest online platforms for people, interested in investing money? Well, this website has launched its simulator game, which helps everybody learn trading stocks with fun. They give you $100,000 virtual dollars and let you trade. You should compete with thousands of other players, showing your skills and knowledge. Are you experienced enough for becoming a real trader?

5.Smart Stocks. This is a great game for everyone, due to that fact that it uses real stocks. It helps players navigate better in the world of trading. You get the virtual cash ($1 million) and do your best to multiply your money.

Try any of these games (or maybe some of them) – and you will get an incredible experience in stock trading!

The power of focusing

In many different spheres focusing is the best strategy for gaining success. People say that if you focus on one thing, you succeed, without wasting your time and energy on any additional actions. The same approach is used in stock trading. Let’s talk more about this.
Successful stock trading needs a lot of attention to the financial tools you use. If you watch for any stock growth, you know for sure the way it behaves, the way its price changes. This allows you forecasting the future behavior of the stock’s indicators and, as a result, brings you some money. But how can you choose the stock to follow for?
There are two possible ways to do it. The first one is picking the most popular stock, which is traded by the majority of the users. The second way is choosing the tool, which is your favourite one; or which you have an experience in trading.
Talking about the most popular stocks, we should mention the stocks of Apple (AAPL), S&P, QQQ, GOOG (Google), TSLA (Tesla), NFLX (Netflix), FB (Facebook), etc.
After you chose any one or two stocks, you should pick the right strategy for trading them. First, you have to learn the trading pattern, which is appliable to it. Second, chose the technical indicators, which will be suited best. Also it’s worth paying more attention to your own discipline and psychological attitude to the trade.
These tips, either as some trading experience will change the way you make money trading.

Develop your own watch list (when you trade several stocks)

Trading stocks require a lot of attention from a person, who takes part. You need to watch all the stocks, their movement and price changes. Some trading professionals (like the author of TradingSim blog) advise to follow them on a daily basis. But due to a large number of all stocks, he also adds that it would be better for you to focus on some certain sectors, like banking, retail, Internet, automotive, pharmaceuticals, etc. Paying attention to one or two sectors may be great for you: you will notice all the changes clearly. As a result, you will be able to make your own forecasts and trade with profit.
The specialists, who use this strategy, also claim that you need quite a lot of time for getting some results in this. As an author of TradingSim says, he needed several months to watch for the golden sector, for the gold-mining companies, which were presented on the gold market. During these months, he got an experience in understanding how the market works, how the prices change and how are they dependent. Simply following some sector allows understanding all the basics, required for successful trading.

Where can I learn stock trading?

The question ‘Where can I learn stock trading?’ is one of the most frequent ones, asked by those, who are interested in making money online. It’s a natural question if you are a novice in trading and you don’t know, what you should start with. But you shouldn’t panic. There is a simple and an obvious answer for your question: you should start with learning. In this article, we would like to make a list of some popular sites, which will be useful for anyone.


It’s probably the most famous online project for people, learning investing. It’s a real free encyclopaedia for making investments, though it’s free and available online. It has some interesting tutorials, a knowledge base, different articles and video, concerning the most effective and successful strategies for trading and investing.


This website is also a huge database of knowledge. It has all the latest market information, including various financial reports. This is the really helpful project about the world economy, which can blow your mind and charge you with information. It offers hundreds of great articles on a daily basis; that’s why you won’t be able to get bored here!


This media is famous all over the world, thanks to its interesting stories, breaking news and analytical data. If you want to learn trading stocks, this is one of the most effective informational tools you could have. By the way, it’s free as well.

Did you think that there is not enough information, related to trading? These projects, just like the thousands of others, will help you!

The benefits from investing in renewables

In the previous aricle we’ve already talked about the popularity of the renewable energy sources on the investment market. In this article we’d like to continue talking about the renewables and tell more about the benefits, which come from investing in this sphere.

1.First of all, putting your money in the renewable sources, you should understand, that it’s a long-term perspective. This is not ‘raise and repeat’, this is a long-term investment, which promises a stable income. So it’s attractive for people, who’d like to save their money.

2.High returns may also be offered in this sphere. When investing in renewable sources programmes on early stages, the investors may get some pretty good interests from their money. So multiplying your cash is also an aim for those, who goes here.

3.Diversification is another benefit, which is hunted by the deep-pocketed people. Renewabe projects depend less on some temporary things, like economics and politics. They are moore connected with some ‘natural’ effects, like wind and solar. As you understand, they are much more stable.

4.Inflation is not able to harm your investments, if we are talking about the real assets. Wind and solar energy generation is a great way to save your money and protect it from the inflation.

5.Perspective is everything in renewable niche. Each year the traditional energy sources, like oil and gas, become less demanded. Many countries in the world are struggling to sell them. At the same time, more and more money get invested in some renewable projects. Here is where the future comes.