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Tips you should know about stock trading

For many people, stock trading is something extremely difficult and scary. They consider it to be a large black hole that is going to take one’s money. In fact, stock trading is a real business for many people just like you. They simply use these tips to work with stocks effectively.

1.They are ready to start losing. Yes, trading stocks may not be profitable from your very first day. You are a novice and you should pay for your tuition – that’s how you do it.

2.They are persistent. Having started trading, they know: nothing is fast here. You need to spend a lot of time, discovering the ways market works.

3.They choose the good broker. It’s a very important step that influences your future trade. A company with good records will be ready to help you when you need it. And scammers will simply take your money away. So, be careful.

4.They start with a few. Actually, you don’t need have millions to start trading. $500-$1000 is enough. You just invest them and use your knowledge to multiply this money. It’s also a learning process that brings you a lot of experience.

5.They focus on a couple of stocks. It’s impossible to keep one’s eye on many different investment tools at the same time. You should pay attention to some really strong stocks that you know how to deal with.

6.They don’t play with cheap shares. As a rule, leading companies in their niches don’t sell their stocks less than for $15-20. That’s why buying $5 or $10 shares is the even more risky game than you think.


Make money, opening a deposit account

Each bank allows making money for everyone, who wants to. All you need to do is simply opening a deposit account and putting some amount of money there. Depositing your money means giving it to the bank for some certain period of time (like for several months or for several years). It’s your choice: how long you’d like to lock your money. But you should mind that the longer deposit period is, the higher your interests will be.

Banks need some guarantees that you will provide them with your money for a long period. They will be using your money for their business needs, such as lending them to other people or making some investments. You shouldn’t worry about the actions of the bank. All you need to think of is your deposit term. If you are ready to say ‘bye’ to your money for some period of time, banks will pay some interests to you.

However, this kind of investment is not so profitable, as you may have wanted. A deposit certificate owner can get from 0.15% to ~2% on the annual basis. The certain number depends on the bank and on the term of the deposit you choose.

It’s worth mentioning that this investment tool is perfect for those, who would like to pick a conservative strategy of multiplying their money. The reason for this is the guarantees, provided by the bank and its reputation, proved by the years of successful service.

Make money with lending!

Lending money is the most classic way to earn some interests. It is the simplest way to make investments in our time. All you need to do is finding a person who needs money and offers your services. It is called ‘Peer to Peer’ lending!

The main advantage of making money as a lender is that you don’t have to do anything more, than just lending your money. It is the best example of passive income, which is so popular among many people. ‘Passive’ means that your money grows on their own, without your attention.

The main disadvantage of making money by lending them is risks. Yes, it’s a quite risky business, because you give your money to someone, who uses them in his way. You don’t know, whether this person is honest enough, or he or she is a scammer, who wants to get some money in a dishonest way. That’s the common trouble for people, who lend their money. But there are some solutions for this.

The first thing you should remember about is working with a safe company, which searches for people, who need money. It should be some kind of a ‘middle man’, which connects you and your borrower. While all the work is done by this company, you simply give your money and wait for the interests. They may be equal to 5% rate annually. If you want to earn more, you can choose less creditworthy people as your borrowers; but your risks increase in this case as well.

Keep calm and diversify your investments

The core principle, useful for any investor, is diversification. If you diversify your investments, you may be sure that any crisis or any other change on the market won’t make you lose your money. Instead of this, using this strategy, you will be able to earn in any situation. That’s why a portfolio that consists of the diversified investments is the most attractive tool for any investor. It simply helps to manage all the unpredictable risks that may appear on the market.

What is diversification?

But first, let’s start with the meaning of this term. First of all, diversification is a strategy of investing money, where the person uses a different tool to invest in. It helps lower the risks and increase the chances to get profits for the investor. In other words, diversification is the way to invest in different products at the same time.

Management difficulties

Many people understand that they shouldn’t put all the eggs in one basket if they don’t want to lose them all. But diversification is not that simple. It requires more time and energy to control all the tasks; that’s why nobody thinks of this seriously. As a rule, people understand that they had to diversify their investments when it becomes too late.

If you don’t want to lose your money, you shouldn’t put them all into one financial tool as well. Your best decision would be sharing all the risks between different tools and products. This allows decrease risks that exist in your niche and increase your chances to get profits at the same time. That’s why diversification should be your choice.

5 best websites to learn trading stocks from (part 1)

Trading stocks may sound attractive for people, who would like to make money online, right? Well, I guess yes, because everyone has already heard hundreds of stories about people, who made their wealth by trading. These stories sound like truth. According to most of them, an ordinary person, who has an access to the Internet and a PC, starts trading and makes a lot of money. How do they do it? Well, there is a simple success formula.

Knowledge + practice

Absolutely any sphere requires these two things for becoming successful. The first one is theoretical knowledge and the second – practicing. You can learn more about the theory of stock trading with help of thousands online courses, forums, and blogs. But how can you gain practical skills in trading? Someone thinks that thousands of dollars are required for this. But we are sure, they aren’t. Here is a list of websites that can help you practice trading stocks with no money at all!

The list

1.Wall Street Survivor. The aim of this website is making you a better trader. Many articles and video tutorials are presented at this resource. All you need is some time and will to study.

2.How The Market Works. This is a quite popular project, which is created like a learning game for the people, who want to get trading skills. It is used by more than 360,000 users each year. All the tools, which may be useful for trading, are gathered here, including charts, financial statements, news, etc.