Top 10 Revenue and Profit Generating Industries of 2015

Manufacturing Industry: Plays a vital role in modern society as everything from knitting a jacket, to oil extraction, steel, to diary production falls within this sector. Worldwide Revenue and Profit generated by this industry in 2015 are 19.3 trillion & 2.98 trillion US dollars respectively.

Retailing Industry: All businesses that sell goods and services in small quantities to consumers fall under this sector. It is one of the most competitive industry in the world. The convergence and diversification of this sector requires retailers to innovate, differentiate and grow in highly competitive environment. Worldwide revenue and profit contribution to the global economy are 12.7 & 2.9 trillion dollars respectively.

Agriculture and Food Industry: It is also one of the largest contributor to global economy. It accounts for 24% of worldwide GDP which amounted to 11.4 trillion dollars and contributed a profit of 2.7 trillion.

B 2 B Products and Services Industry: This industry stood 4th in terms of revenue and profit generation. The contribution made this sector to worldwide economy in terms of revenue and profit are 9.6 trillion and 1.97 trillion dollars respectively.

Financial Services Industry: Encompasses a wide variety services ranging from Banking, Insurance, Stock market to Tax consultants and Audit firms. Global revenue and profit produced by this sector amounted to 8.4 trillion and 1.92 trillion dollars

Health and Pharmaceutical Industry: Worldwide revenue and profit generation by this sector was 7.3 and 1.83 trillion dollars. That is why both industries have been named as profit making machine by business people.

IT Industry: Technology is the lifeblood of the digital economy. Advancement in computer processing power, data storage, chip design, enterprise mobility and many other developments that have unfolded in recent years are providing a wide range of opportunities that were once impossible both technologically and economically. Revenue and profit generation by this sector was 6.1 trillion and 1.24 trillion respectively.

Textile or Apparel Industry: Is primarily concerned with the design and production of yarn cloth or garments clothing and their distribution. The raw material may be natural or synthetic using products of the chemical industry worldwide revenue and profit generation was 7.3 trillion and 1.18 trillion respectively.

Tourism and Hotel Industries: Are the world’s largest sectors with a worldwide economic contribution of 4.9 trillion and 0.96 trillion dollars in terms of revenue and profit generation.

Airline Industry: Airline sector remains a large and growing industry throughout the globe. It facilitate economic growth, world trade, international investments and tourism and is therefore play an important role in globalization taking place in many other industries. In the past decade Airline industry has grown by 7% per year. Travel or both business and leisure purposes is growing rapidly worldwide. Scheduled airlines carried 1.57 billion passengers world widely. Global revenue and profit contribution of this industry to economy was 3,72 trillion and 0.86 trillion respectively.

Author of Article: Syed Qamber Reza Kamzi

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