Make money, opening a deposit account

Each bank allows making money for everyone, who wants to. All you need to do is simply opening a deposit account and putting some amount of money there. Depositing your money means giving it to the bank for some certain period of time (like for several months or for several years). It’s your choice: how long you’d like to lock your money. But you should mind that the longer deposit period is, the higher your interests will be.

Banks need some guarantees that you will provide them with your money for a long period. They will be using your money for their business needs, such as lending them to other people or making some investments. You shouldn’t worry about the actions of the bank. All you need to think of is your deposit term. If you are ready to say ‘bye’ to your money for some period of time, banks will pay some interests to you.

However, this kind of investment is not so profitable, as you may have wanted. A deposit certificate owner can get from 0.15% to ~2% on the annual basis. The certain number depends on the bank and on the term of the deposit you choose.

It’s worth mentioning that this investment tool is perfect for those, who would like to pick a conservative strategy of multiplying their money. The reason for this is the guarantees, provided by the bank and its reputation, proved by the years of successful service.

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