5 best websites to learn trading stocks from (part 1)

Trading stocks may sound attractive for people, who would like to make money online, right? Well, I guess yes, because everyone has already heard hundreds of stories about people, who made their wealth by trading. These stories sound like truth. According to most of them, an ordinary person, who has an access to the Internet and a PC, starts trading and makes a lot of money. How do they do it? Well, there is a simple success formula.

Knowledge + practice

Absolutely any sphere requires these two things for becoming successful. The first one is theoretical knowledge and the second – practicing. You can learn more about the theory of stock trading with help of thousands online courses, forums, and blogs. But how can you gain practical skills in trading? Someone thinks that thousands of dollars are required for this. But we are sure, they aren’t. Here is a list of websites that can help you practice trading stocks with no money at all!

The list

1.Wall Street Survivor. The aim of this website is making you a better trader. Many articles and video tutorials are presented at this resource. All you need is some time and will to study.

2.How The Market Works. This is a quite popular project, which is created like a learning game for the people, who want to get trading skills. It is used by more than 360,000 users each year. All the tools, which may be useful for trading, are gathered here, including charts, financial statements, news, etc.

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